• Publikation_Checa_201709_940x420.png

    Pflanz D, et al.; Scientific Reports; 2017

    Sost deficiency led to a greater cortical bone formation response to mechanical loading and altered gene expression

  • Zaslansky-Paul-Graphical_Abstract.jpg

    Krause, J et al.; Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol...

    Some billlfish use external teeth on a long bony bill to hunt.

  • Wildemann-Britt-Graphical_Abstract.tif

    Minkwitz, S et al. Int J Mol Sci: 18(10), 2017

    Changes in the structure and the expression profile of MMPs and TIMPs are evident in human Achilles tendons depending on...

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Welcome to the Julius Wolff Institute

Following in the tradition of Julius Wolff, we explore the interplay between mechanics and biology in bone and muscle. Motivated by clinical necessities, we concentrate on basic and applied research in orthopedics and trauma surgery. We primary focus on

  • understanding the interaction between movement and loading within joint replacements and during fracture healing,
  • enable musculoskeletal mobility,
  • identification of underlying principles in compromised healing situations, including delayed bone healing, bone defect healing, muscle trauma, ligament injury and arthrosis.

To do so, we develop innovative therapies by applying biomechanical, mechano-biological and osteo-immunological concepts. Translational approaches are supported by infrastructures of the BCRT.

All our PhD Students and Postdocs are members of the BSRT Graduate School and supported by the mentoring infrastructure.

We have a close interaction with our partner clinics CMSC, with whom we have built an international visible focus on "movement research".