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Family Friendly Institute

Child or the nanny is ill, kindergarten is closed … and now? All members of staff at the BIH - Julius Wolff Institute have access to the KidsMobil and family room which will help them combining family, education and career. A child care service can also be provided during events organised at the Institutsgebäude Süd.

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Family Room

The family room provides an office working place with a computer for the parents and a desk for school children to do their homework; space to play and toys for children of various ages and other facilities for general child care. The family room can be used at short notice when the parents have to take their children to work occasionally.

Parents are responsible for their children and we ask you to treat the room and the toys provided with responsibility and the appropriate care. When you use the family room for the first time we ask you to sign a respective commitment.


KidsMobil is a flexible child care service of the Charité for children between 8 month and 14 years. The service is free of charge and can be used in emergency situations when the normal child care facilities are not available. The KidsMobil is organised by the Kinder im Kiez GmbH who has a team of professional child carers who will come to your home to take care of your child.

Further information can be found here.

Children´s University Charité

The Charité's university for children offers exciting insights into medical interrelations with its monthly lecture course. Like real students, the children will sit in the Auditorium, while doctors and researchers from the Charité explain in one-hour lectures different medical aspects, like how the body works, what the different organs are for or how emotions are created. After the children attend at least 6 lectures and take a small test, where they answer almost all questions correctly, they will receive a certificate as "Body Specialst".

You can find the current lecture program here.

Family Office

The family office:
Coordination office for the family-friendly Charité

Here you will find further helpful information about the compatibility of work or study, such as parental leave, childcare, studies with family, fathers' representatives, parents' café.