Julius Wolff Institute

As a research institute we run applications and basic research in the fields of orthopedics and trauma surgery. Our main research field is the regeneration and biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system as well as the improvement of joint replacement.

The JWI is located in Cranach House, named after Lucas Cranac the Elder who created the masterpiece the Fountain of Youth, an ambitious vision of regeneration, which is often symbolically connected with regenerative medicine. Thus, it idealy represent regenerative therapy research that takes place in this research building.


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Team M-Z

Rosa Theresa Macht


Image Source: Julia Mehl
Julia Mehl

PhD Student

Camille Metz

PhD student

Maria Neutzner

Research Associate

Susann Omuya

Assistant Prof. Georg Duda

Isabel Orellano

PhD Student

Ansgar Petersen
Dr. Ansgar Petersen

Principal Investigator - Cellular BioMechanics & BioMaterials

Marzena Princ


Wera Pustlauk

PhD Student

Dr. rer. medic. Simon Reinke

Core Facility Scientist

Carolin Paschke

PhD student (currently on maternal leave)

Radost Saß

PhD student

Barbara Schiller

Secretariat Prof. Hendrik Schmidt

Univ.- Prof. Dr. biol. hum. Hendrik Schmidt

Principal Investigator - Spine Biomechanics

Katharina Schmidt-Bleek
PD Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Schmidt-Bleek

Principal Investigator - Bone Healing

Aysha Schmock


Norma Schulz


Thomas Sips

IT Support

Janina Stadter

PhD student

Sabine Stumpp


Mario Thiele


Dr. rer. medic. Adam Trepczynski

Postdoctoral Reearcher - Musculoskeletal Analysis

Serafim Tsitsilonis
PD Dr. med. Serafeim Tsitsilonis

Principal Investigator - Molecular Traumatology

Univ.- Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Britt Wildemann

Principal Investigator at the JWI &
Professor for Experimental Trauma Surgery in Jena At the JWI: Seit 2000

Dag Wulsten

Technical Head of Biomechanics Lab

Dr. med. dent. Paul Zaslansky

Principal Investigator

Anne Zergiebel

Study Coordinator