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Master Thesis: Mechano-Hybrid-Biomaterial for Bone Defect Regeneration

Brief Description

The research group „Cellular Biomechanics and Architectured Biomedical Materials” is headed by Prof. Ansgar Petersen and focusses on biomaterials that support the tissue regeneration process through an instructive internal 3D architecture together with supportive mechanical properties on the cell- and tissue level. To develop such biomaterial solutions, the interaction between cells, the biomaterials and the cell-surrounding extracellular matrix is investigated through advanced in vitro approaches and in vivo models. The ultimate goal is to support endogenous repair mechanisms for a scar-free regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues

Your Responsibilities

The offered project is within an academia-industry research consortium that is developing a biomaterial for the regeneration of large bone defects that do not heal spontaneously. The material has already been tested in vivo and revealed the successful induction of bone regeneration through the mechanical and architectural properties of the material (Petersen et al., Nature Communication 2018, DOI: Currently, the material is developed further for an application in humans. Within the offered Master Thesis, existing in vivo samples will be analyzed histologically and immune-histologically to understand how the material controls cell recruitment, cell/ECM alignment and the subsequent cascade of tissue maturation events. Using µ-CT recordings, the bone healing progress will be quantified. Furthermore, complementing in vitro experiments are planned to better understand the process of cell recruitment from the bone marrow into the biomaterial and the subsequent progenitor cell differentiation towards cartilage and bone forming cells. As the in vivo samples are already existing and most of the experimental protocols are established, no major delays in the thesis are expected. Additionally, there is enough room to learn about different aspects of biomaterial-driven tissue healing and to bring in own ideas contributing to the further development of our tissue-regenerative approaches.   

Your Profile

  • Applicants should have a BSc degree or similar in life sciences or related, e.g. in materials science, tissue engineering, biochemistry, biology, biophysics.
  • High levels of participation in a multi-disciplinary team will be required together with a high degree of self-motivation, creativity, curiosity and distinct logic thinking.
  • Some experience in cell culture and histological methods is considered an asset.
  • Very good written and verbal communication skills, fluent in English.

We Offer

  • A collaborative research environment that encourages and supports scientific curiosity, innovation, and development of its team members
  • Appointment duration: 6-9 months


Prof. Dr. Ansgar Petersen (

B-CRT, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin