Bone healing models and monitoring in rats - a practical course

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  • Bone healing models and monitoring in rats - a practical course.

Bone healing models and monitoring in rats - hands on workshop

Prior to the ISBR the JWI offered a two day workshop on rats. The number of participants was restricted to 10 therefor the 3 responsible researchers Romano Matthys (RISystems), Katharina Schmidt-Bleek and Agnes Ellinghaus (both JWI) had enough time to support each participant sufficiently.

This practical course was designed for researchers who intend to use small animal models to study bone healing. The participants received hands-on experience and performed the surgical procedures on rats under the guidance of scientific experts from the Julius Wolff Institute who have long-standing professional experience in small animal model surgery.

Participants will also learn about the analytical methods used at the Julius Wolff Institute, one of the major research institutions on bone healing in Germany and worldwide.

The feedback of the international participants (Japan, UK, Poland, Italy, Germany) was positive without exception.

The program of the workshop is available here