Das Bild zeigt rechts ein Trichterglas mit blauer Flüssigkeit und Glasstab zum Umrühren. Daneben steht ein Reagenzglasständer mit Reagenzgläsern, die ebenfalls blaue Flüssigkeit enthalten. Im Hintergrund ist ein Forscher zu sehen, der in der rechten Hand eine Pipette hält.

ISBR International Symposium on Bone Regeneration 06-2015

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  • ISBR International Symposium on Bone Regeneration 06-2015.

International Symposium on Bone Regeneration ISBR

Anita Ignatius introduces speakers
audience at ISBR 2015
First drawing by Paul Stabe
Georg Duda welcomes meetings attendees
Graphical Facilitator Paul Stabe at work
Poster Award ceremony. From left to right: Evi Lippens, Claudia Schlundt, Paul Rikeit, Kate Schmidt-Bleek

The JWI has organized the first International Symposium on Bone Regeneration ISBR last week. The international audience was impressed by the quality and diversity of the speakers. We already received some inquiries when this meeting will be held the next time.
For the first time in such meetings, we had an Graphical Illustrator, drawing a storyline of the meeting and the presentations. This was highly recognized by the participants, many of them made photos of the sketches.
The winners of the Poster Awards, granted by one of our sponsors, had been elected by the audience. Evi Lippens (poster title: Opposing growth factor gradients to create distinct tissue patterning) and Claudia Schlundt (Impact of the adaptive immune system in bone fracture healing) from our institute won the first and the second prize, respectively, while Paul Rikeit from FU Berlin (The Hippo pathway relays mechanical forces into BMP-Smad signaling ) was the third winner. Congratulations to them all for their excellent posters!