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JWI Symposia

The JWI organises periodical symposia about the latest topics in the field of musculoskeletal research.

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Previous JWI Symposia

  • symposium

    04.10.2022 To 05.10.2022

    International Symposium on Bone Regeneration (ISBR)

    Crosstalk in Bone Regeneration

    The DFG CRC 1444 “Directed Cellular Self‐Organization to Advance Bone Regeneration” aims to unravel the basic mechanisms that differentiate between success and failure in regeneration of musculoskeletal tissue using bone healing as a role model. In particular, we want to investigate the interdependencies of inflammation, metabolism and mechanics in cellular self‐organization during the process of bone regeneration.”

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  • Congress

    14.06.2018 To 15.06.2018

    Advanced therapies in musculoskeletal regeneration: Novel strategies and challenges for regeneration in compromised patients"

    10 years Julius Wolff Institute

    In musculoskeletal research, a number of emerging fields have great impact on translational science: Active shaping of the inflammatory cascades to enhance regeneration appears possible, mechano-biological cues can be employed at multiple length scales to enable regeneration and substantial knowledge can be gained on in vivo loads and friction at metallic interfaces.

  • Congress

    11.06.2015 To 13.06.2015

    International Symposium on Bone Regeneration (ISBR)

    Crosstalk in Bone Regeneration

    The ISBR joins a wide range of scientists who are specialist in their own fields, aiming to understand the complexity of bone regeneration. At the ISBR scientists want to explore the relationships and interdependence between immune reactions, cell-matrix interactions and the role of progenitor and stem cells in bone healing.

  • Congress

    30.06.2011 To 01.07.2011

    Symposium on Science based Prevention

    From regeneration to prevention

    A forum for interdisciplinary preventive strategies. The goal of this symposium is to initiate discussion among experts, researchers and students alike on a scientific basis for preventive strategies in general with a special focus on the prevention of musculoskeletal injury and degeneration as both a precondition and a consequence for regenerative therapies.

  • Congress

    19.11.2009 To 10.11.2009

    Biomechanics and Biology of Bone Regeneration

    From Functional Assessment to Guided Tissue Formation

    The symposium will allow highlighting the state of the art in the research field of bone regeneration. We will focus on new developments regarding the molecular basis for bone regeneration, the understanding of the structural constrains of native and artificial tissue (biomaterials) and the clinical implications and experimental models of bone regeneration. We will offer a platform for clinicians and researchers to share expertises and experiences on latest developments in this field.