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With our research for the clinicial practice in orthopedics and trauma surgery we improve patient care and offer patients various options in diagnosis, therapy and prevention.

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BeMoveD - Berlin Movement Diagnostics

Biomechanical Gait and Running Analysis 

BeMoveD is a biomechanical analysis for gait and running offered by the JWI. Based on a thorough initial medical check and with modern analytical methods, we evaluate the gait and running characteristics of patients as well as hobby and professional athletes. During the examination of the movement, we consider the biomechanical aspects of the entire body of the investigated person with regard to the latest research findings. Thus, we can identify errors in the movement pattern, recognise causes of pain and injuries in the musculoskeletal system and uncover shortcomings in the gait or in the running technique. 

Regenerative Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery Consultation Hour

Consultation on regenerative therapies for musculoskeletal diseases.

Classical orthopedics and trauma surgery is primarily focused on replacement (prostheses for osteoarthritis), correction (realignment surgery for knock knees or bow legs), and reconstructive procedures (osteosynthesis of broken bones). The field of regenerative orthopedics and trauma surgery at CMSC and JWI on the other hand, focuses on supporting the natural healing processes for degenerative diseases and acute injuries. In this context, regenerative therapy procedures can be used for people of all ages.

Spine Study

Understanding back pain better

Currently, the diagnosis of back pain is made after a one-time physical examination with imaging techniques. These static "snapshots" do not provide sufficient information about the underlying mechanisms of back pain. This very often leads to incorrect diagnosis and therapy decisions. In the largest national study, we want to better understand back pain. Would you also like to get to know your back better? We are looking for study participants, 18 to 64 years old, with and without back pain.