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Development of intravital imaging technologies of long bones

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Expert public only

SFB Wolff Lecture

The Wolff Lecture Series: With the start of the CRC 1444, we have introduced a new lecture series – covering topics associated to the CRC: “Directed Cellular Self‐Organisation for Advancing Bone Regeneration”. We started with presentations from PIs why they have fun to be part. Thereafter, international experts but also our Postdocs and PhDs will present their work. This new digital format will help us to create a research discussion momentum within and beyond the CRC 144 community.

Organizational and administrative matters


• Prof. Raluca Niesner |DRFZ, Berlin

Event organizer

Julius Wolff Institute


Online Symposium





Julius Wolff Institute
Phone: +49 30 450 559275
E-Mail: rosa-theresa.macht(at)
Augustenburger Platz
113353 Berlin

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