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CMSC cooperates with SV Babelsberg 03

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Regional football league team gets support for sports medical care

Prof. Haas (links) und sein Team vom CMSC - (c) SV Babelsberg 03
Prof. Haas (links) und sein Team vom CMSC - (c) SV Babelsberg 03

The Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery (CMSC) will in future work more closely with the regional football league team SV Babelsberg 03. During a league match at the beginning of March the new partner was introduced to the fans. Prof. Norbert Haas, director of the CMSC, reported in a short interview about the common goals. Among other things, the CMSC will optimise sports medical care and rehabilitation, develop and evaluate new technologies for performance diagnostics and analyse the performance and performance development of the players so that concrete training strategies can be developed.
The contact came about through the managing director of SV Babelsberg 03, Klaus Brüggemann. After an initial visit to one of the most modern performance diagnostics facilities in Germany, the association's managers quickly agreed that the use of sports medicine and performance diagnostics would be a stroke of luck for the association. After many discussions now a co-operation contract was agreed upon.


Centrum für Musculoskeletale Chirurgie

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