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Foundation of the "Julius Wolff Institute of Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Regeneration"

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JWI was founded

On 6.11.2006, the Faculty Council of the Charité, in coordination with the Board of Directors, decided to found the "Julius Wolff Institute of Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Regeneration", which was created by the merger of the Biomechanics Laboratories of Orthopaedics (CBF) and the Research Laboratory of the Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery (CVK, CCM).

The Institute follows the tradition of experimental research in orthopaedics and trauma surgery and is committed to clinical research and development in the fields of musculoskeletal regeneration and biomechanics. The current research focuses and working groups are Instrumented Implants, Spine, Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, Mechano-Biology, Bone Healing, Simulation of Healing and Tissue Formation. The Julius Wolff Institute is an independent part of the Clinical Centre 9 of the Charité.

The foundation of the Julius Wolff Institute as an independent scientific institution is an essential result of the structure formation initiated by the Clinical Study Center KFO 102 of the DFG in an accident surgery and orthopaedic institution.

The Julius Wolff Institute plays a leading role in the design of the

1. DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre SFB 760, of the

2. BMBF-funded Cluster of Excellence "Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT)" and the

3. DFG-funded graduate school "Berlin-Brandenburg School of Regenerative Therapies (BSRT)" (GSC 210).

The positions and technical equipment of the two merging research areas were brought into the institute. The institute has 3 locations in the

A. Research house at the Campus Virchow-Klinikum of the Charité, in the

B. Centre for Sports Science and Sports Medicine of the HU and Charité (CSSB) and in the

C. Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies at the Campus Virchow-Klinikum (BCRT).


Julius Wolff Institute
Phone: +49 30 450 559 048
E-Mail: jwi(at)
Augustenburger Platz 
113353 Berlin

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