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Girls Day 2010

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Girls' Future Day

On Girls' Day on 22.04.2010, a lively group of 17 girls from 5th to 8th grade accompanied by Ms. Rehse (Charité Women's Representative) appeared at the Julius Wolff Institute. After a brief introduction to orthopaedic and trauma surgery research at the Julius Wolff Institute, the girls spread out over the three different wards and gained insights into bone histology, cell culture experiments and intelligent implants.

Girls Day takes place on every fourth Thursday in April. Above all, technical companies, companies with technical departments and training courses, universities and research centres throughout Germany open their doors to schoolgirls from grade 5 onwards. On Girls Day, the girls get to know training occupations and courses of study in technology, IT, crafts and natural sciences, in which women are seldom represented or encounter female role models in management positions in business or politics.


Julius Wolff Institute
Phone: +49 30 450 559 048
E-Mail: jwi(at)
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113353 Berlin

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