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Hajar Razi wins ESB Student Award

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Razi, Hajar

PhD Student shows that local mechanical strains closely relate to the bone formation and resorption responses.

Hajar Razi, PhD student at the Julius Wolff Institute and Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies, has received the Best Student Award at the 19th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics celebrated in Patras (Greece).

Hajar Razi studied the influence of age on the mechanical regulation of bone formation/resorption as a result of external loading. Using finite element and image registration techniques, she determined the mechanical strain levels at which bone formation and resorption events took place, in mice tibia of different ages, as a result of in vivo loading.

The results show that local mechanical strains closely relate to the bone formation and resorption responses, where bone resorption/formation occurred in regions under low/high mechanical stimulation. In addition, the higher response of the bone to mechanical loading in young compared to adult animals was related to higher mechanical strains induced within the bone under the same externally applied load. So far, this is the most comprehensive study of the role of local mechanical signals on bone adaptation to loading. Results suggest a reduction in the local mechanical signals within the bone with age, which could be in part responsible for age associated bone loss.

The ESB Student Award has been awarded since 1998 by the European Society of Biomechanics with the purpose to honor excellence in biomechanics already at a relatively young age. The award consists of a certificate and 1000 Euros.

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