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Joint load during harvesting

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The team of the instrumented implants examined patients with hip and shoulder joint replacements in the asparagus and the subsequent cleaning and sorting work

Many people know the taste of asparagus, some also know the hard manual work in harvesting it, but so far nobody could say how much the joints are loaded are during this work. Therefore, scientists from the JWI used so called instrumented implants in a very special kind of "field study". Two patients wearing these implants in the shoulder and the hip, respectively, took part in a measurement session on an asparagus field and during following processing steps.

These special implants are capable to measure the in vivo joint loads and were developed under the leadership of Prof. Georg Bergmann. So far they were mainly used in clinical studies focused on joint loads during activities of daily living or physiotherapy for example.

The preliminary results show that fieldwork can lead to loads up to 350% of the bodyweight (%BW) in the hip and about 150%BW in the shoulder. The collected data is now further analyzed in the lab and will be published soon on


Articles at Berliner Zeitung and Lausitzer Rundschau (only in German)


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