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Science goes Social

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On Friday, 3rd March, in cooperation with the association kein Abseits! e.V. BCRT and JWI opened their doors once again to children and young people from deprived backgrounds in order to enthuse them for the profession of a scientist.

It started at 4 pm with a game. The children were supposed to differentiate from a stem cell into different somatic cells. Marked with matching cell-stickers the young scientist were divided into two groups in which they were lead through different laboratories in order to soak up lab air. After that the children gained an insight into the construction of the skeleton, the effect of healthy and unhealthy ways of living, the formation of bones, how to determine the pH value by using red cabbage juice and how to produce coloured tissue slices. Finally little prizes were handed out and the mentees and mentors (children and young people and their companion) were able to have a look at their coloured tissue slice through the microscope and took them home with them. The atmosphere was concentrated and the children full of questions. Altogether it was a very successful afternoon/ evening and all helpers as well as children and young people had a great time. We are very much looking forward to the next event.


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