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What are the benefits of graduate training under the Excellence Initiative for Germany as an industrial location?

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Panel Discussion

On 20 June 2011, a panel discussion with representatives from science and industry took place at the Humboldt Graduate School to formulate the requirements for excellent university graduates.

After a short introduction by Prof. Günter Stock, four guest speakers gave short presentations on the structuring of excellence initiatives as well as the requirements and expectations from industry. Prof. Albrecht Wendel and Prof. Georg Duda pointed out the advantages and own experiences of an interdisciplinary education and the connection between economy and science. Dr. Michael Meyer (Siemens AG) and Prof. Jörg Vienken showed from an economic point of view the necessity of scientists with an interdisciplinary education. Further guests of the panel discussion were Dr. Beate Konze-Thomas (DFG), Prof. Dagmar Simon, Dr. Harald Stallforth and Prof. Klaus-Peter Schäfer as representatives of industry as well as Heide Boeth and Kristin Strohschein as representatives of the students.

The panel discussion showed that the demands placed on doctoral students are very high and that friends and motivation to think outside the box often fall by the wayside. Furthermore, it became clear that an education such as that in Research Training Groups or Graduate Schools promotes interaction between the disciplines and produces excellent doctoral students for industry and business.


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