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Wowereit enthusiastic about the work of the BCRT

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On sightseeing tour with the Governing Mayor of Berlin


Klaus Wowereit, governing mayor of Berlin, recently visited the Berlin-Brandenburg Centrum für Regenerative Therapien (BCRT) to see for himself how funds from Germany's second stimulus package are being invested. Together with Prof. Jürgen Zöllner, Berlin's Senator for Education, Science and Research, Dr. Knut Nevermann, State Secretary for Science and Research, members of the board of directors of the Charité, and journalists, he toured the reconstruction site on Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum.

Hans-Dieter Volk and Georg Duda, directors of the BCRT, led the group through the laboratories and offices while explaining the goals and the specific strengths of the research center and introducing current projects. Inside the center's high-tech flow cytometry and sequencing facility, Wowereit and Zöllner took the opportunity to look over researchers' shoulders to see where cells and particles will be counted, analyzed and sequenced.

A patient who received a cell transplant gave an account of her experience with regenerative therapies, highlighting the need for new medical treatments and solutions. New GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) laboratories for the handling of tissues and cells and the development of new treatments have been installed at the BCRT with funds from the second stimulus package.

Towards the end of the tour, the group visited some of the laboratories that are already up and running, and learned about current developments in musculoskeletal research. Here, a machine for evenly distributing coating and a diagnostic kit for identifying patients with healing problems were presented - both were developed by researchers at the BCRT and the Julius Wolff Institute.


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