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Press Reviews

Here you get an overview of the press review of our research work.

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Press Reviews

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    Strengthen the back

    Despite severe pain, the cause of back pain very often remains unclear. How researchers are now getting to the bottom of the complaints and patients are getting rid of their pain.


  • Berliner Zeitung

    Space-qualified wound closure

    Medical care is an important topic in manned long-term space flights, e.g. on the journey to Mars. BIH scientists now develop a special 3D bioprinted biological patch for wound treatment in space flights in a cooperation with Berlin-based, 3D bioprinting company Cellbricks. Cellbricks develops in the DLR-funded project a specialized 3D bioprinter for zero gravity conditions. The functionality of the zero gravity 3D bioprinter was recently tested in microgravity conditions in a parabolic flight.

    Berliner Zeitung 2022;

  • Podcast: Episode 35 - How do you close wounds in space?

    Professor Georg Duda, BIH Chair for Engineering Regenerative Therapies and Bianca Lemke, PhD student at the BIH Julius Wolff Institute talk in an episode of the BIH podcast about their DLR-funded project “3D Spacepatch”. The scientists develop a special biological wound patch for application in space flights. The patch is generated using a 3D bioprinter for zero gravity conditions, newly developed by company Cellbricks. A parabolic flight will serve as a proof-of-principle for the functionality of the technology in micro gravity in the near future.

    Berlin Institute of Health 2022;

  • 1. FC Union

    1st FC Union Berlin on 3D Movement diagnostics at BeMoveD

    At the beginning of the season some players of the 1. FC Union Berlin visited our movement laboratory. The goal: to start and finish another season with as few injuries and as much performance as possible. Many thanks to the players of 1. FC Union Berlin and Dr. Clemens Gwinner from the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery.
    Zum CMSC
    Clemens Gwinner
    Zum 1. FC Union

    Youtube 07/2020;

  • Focus Wissen

    Operation Knee - The article is only available in the original language.

    Knee complaints are very common. Their cause is often difficult to identify and can originate from other adjacent joints. By means of a movement diagnostics, one can determine with a holistic view whether there are risk factors in the musculoskeletal system and in the gait that put too much strain on our knee joints and thus lead to complaints. Accordingly, targeted therapies can be derived to alleviate or resolve the complaints. here you will find information about BeMoveD

    Focus 2020;

  • Hip-TEP - The article is only available in the original language.

    The in vivo acting hip joint loads during walking can have a direct influence the course of coxarthrosis, to the stability of a fracture treatment or endoprosthesis. With the help of instrumented hip implants, the loads on the hip joint when walking on the treadmill (4 km/h) were measured in vivo using different types of shoes. It could be shown that the in vivo joint loads were lowest when walking barefoot and walking with the barefoot shoe. Wearing all other shoe types resulted in an increase of the in vivo acting joint loads.

    Therapie 2019;

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Regenerative Medizin e.V.

    Bis hierher – und wie weiter?

    Pressemitteilung zum 11. Herbstforum

  • Magazin "Berlin to go"

    Auf die Plätzer, Fertig, Erster. So Bewegend ist die Hauptstadt

    Ausgabe 02/2018

  • Xenius: Moden der Medizin

    Was steckt hinter den immer neuen Trends? | arte
    Egal ob es um Rückenschmerzen oder Erkältung, um kleine oder große Wehwehchen geht: Was heute eine anerkannte Therapie ist, kann morgen schon überholt sein. Denn Ratschläge für die Gesundheit sind oft nur Wahrheiten mit Verfallsdatum. „Xenius“ stellt deshalb gängige Behandlungsmethoden auf den Prüfstand. Viele Gesundheitstipps und Therapien bleiben en vogue, und das obwohl sie keine medizinisch nachweisbare Wirkung auf die Patienten haben. Das gilt besonders auch bei Rückenleiden.

    04.01.2018 16:55 Uhr

  • WDR 5 Radiobeitrag "Leonardo"

    Wenn die Hüfte funkt - Intelligente Implantate messen im Körper

    Sendung vom 07.11.2016

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