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Press Reviews

Here you get an overview of the press review of our research work.

The articles are only available in the original language.

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Press Reviews

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  • Less animal testing through two-organ chip?

    The German government wants to phase out animal testing in the future. At the Charité in Berlin, researchers have been trying to develop a human "miniature bone" on a chip since 2016. They are using it to test the compatibility of metals for prostheses. Copyright: Maren Schibilsky, rbb 24 Inforadio

    rbb24 Inforadio 2023;

  • What to do about osteoarthritis ?

    Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease worldwide. In this condition, the cartilage at the joints, which serves as a protective layer between the two ends of the bones, wears away. What can be done about arthrosis and how can the disease be prevented? We asked Prof. Tobias Winkler from the Julius Wolff Institute of the Berlin Institute of Health at the Charité (BIH) in our 41st episode of the BIH podcast.

    Berlin Institute of Health - Podcast: Episode 41 - 2022;

  • Every pain has a reason. We just have to find it. The article is only available in the original language.

    A large study by the Charité hospital in Berlin aims to close the gaps in knowledge about back disorders.
    The first findings are now available.

    Die Welt 2022;

  • Knee pain - exercise training or surgery?

    When knee complaints determine everyday life, the question often arises: Does it have to be an operation? Movement analyses, X-rays & MRIs help with the decision.

    We 11.05.2022 | 20:15 | rbb Praxis (only in German);

  • Strengthen the back

    Despite severe pain, the cause of back pain very often remains unclear. How researchers are now getting to the bottom of the complaints and patients are getting rid of their pain.


  • Space-qualified wound closure

    Medical care is an important topic in manned long-term space flights, e.g. on the journey to Mars. BIH scientists now develop a special 3D bioprinted biological patch for wound treatment in space flights in a cooperation with Berlin-based, 3D bioprinting company Cellbricks. Cellbricks develops in the DLR-funded project a specialized 3D bioprinter for zero gravity conditions. The functionality of the zero gravity 3D bioprinter was recently tested in microgravity conditions in a parabolic flight.

    Berliner Zeitung 2022;

  • How do you close wounds in space?

    Professor Georg Duda, BIH Chair for Engineering Regenerative Therapies and Bianca Lemke, PhD student at the BIH Julius Wolff Institute talk in an episode of the BIH podcast about their DLR-funded project “3D Spacepatch”. The scientists develop a special biological wound patch for application in space flights. The patch is generated using a 3D bioprinter for zero gravity conditions, newly developed by company Cellbricks. A parabolic flight will serve as a proof-of-principle for the functionality of the technology in micro gravity in the near future.

    Berlin Institute of Health - Podcast: Episode 35 - 2022;

  • What causes back pain?

    In the current BIH podcast, Hendrik Schmidt, head of the spine team at the Julius Wolff Institute of the BIH, talks about his large study on back pain. A total of 3000 men and women with and without back pain will be examined in the next few months. The scientists want to find out what causes back pain in order to be able to better diagnose and treat it or, ideally, to avoid it altogether.

    Berlin Institute of Health - Podcast: Episode 35 - 2022;

  • Are carbon running shoes also something for recreational runners?

    Shortly before the marathon, journalist and marathon runner Carsten Behrendt visited BeMoveD to test whether the carbon running shoes are also suitable for recreational runners. More information and the interview with Prof. Dr. Georg Duda can be found in the ZDF-Morgenmagazin report.

    23.09.2021 ZDF Morgenmagazin (only in German);

  • Adidas Adizero collection with carbon running shoes in test

    adidas Runners Coaches Lucas Kempe and Mari Dottschadis tested the new adizero collection at BeMoveD. The exciting results of the two case studies and more videos from the BeMoveD lab can be found in full length in the following blog post.


Results 1 to 10 of total 64