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Research at the JWI

Following in the tradition of Julius Wolff, we explore the interplay between mechanics and biology in bone and muscle. Motivated by clinical needs, we focus on basic and applied research in orthopedics and trauma surgery.

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Our Research

Wolff's law is still highly relevant for musculoskeletal research today. Using Wolff's findings as a basis, we strudy the influence how biology is affected by mechanical stimulation. For example, we study stresses and strains on the musculoskeletal system of patients and athletes. Furthermore, we are investigating the regeneration processes of bone, cartilage, muscles and ligaments and analyze the loads acting on joints and bones during these processes. Our research benefits patient care and stimulates innovations for implants in the area of joint replacement as well as fracture healing. Through a better understanding of biological processes during healing, we were able to develop new therapies and products for accelerating healing processes.