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Osteoimmunological research began to gain momentum end of 2006 in the SFB 760. 

Research concerning the interaction of bone and the immune system continured witht he DFG project DFGSCHE 1594. 

2014 the Research Group FOR2165 was realized which specifically adresses the aspect of the aging population in the contens of regeneration. In this Research Group the DFG project SCHM29077 is embedded to analyze the aspect of the experienced immune system in view of bone healing.

IRI short term project: Guiding osteogenic regeneration by modulating the immune cell phenotype during the early phase of healing. 

BSRT joint research programme: Hong Lei and Claudia Schlundt, travel stipends, PhD-graduation stipends, BSRT stipend

Cross Field Projekt between immunology and musculoskeletal Reserach


As one of six top Universities Charité and more specifically the Julius Wolff Institute is partaking in this platform to further wound and bone healing. Georg N. Duda has been appointed as Ethics and 3R officer and together with Evi Lippens and Katharina Schmidt-Bleek he is conducting the research concerning the bone healing topic in the MOZART project.