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Advanced Musculoskeletal Therapies 

Despite the high incidence of muscle injuries, degenerative joint or spine diseses and other musculoskeletal disorders like tendon or bone pathologies, the basic issue  - biological regeneration - has not yet been solved in clinical practice. Since 2006 we have been working on translational therapies in the field of musculoskeletal regeneration with the aim to bring innovative regenerative approaches to the patient. 

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Application of Immunmodulatory Factors to support fracture healing is also a focus of our group. Such factors are among others protein-based Interleukins or Antibodies, which target specific cell types and can suppress them. They can also induce a polarization of Immune cells towards a beneficial anti-inflammatory type, like in Macrophages. Whereas antibodies can even deplete entire cell fractions, like the unwanted CD8+ T-Cells. Furthermore, we focus on small signalling molecules, which are already applied in the clinics, and which further revealed anti-inflammatory properties recently. They can suppress pro-inflammatory cells and/or stimulate anti-inflammatory cellular responses. For the application of immunemodulatory factors we investigate local releases from biomaterials besides intravenious injections.