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Advanced Musculoskeletal Therapies 

Despite the high incidence of muscle injuries, degenerative joint or spine diseses and other musculoskeletal disorders like tendon or bone pathologies, the basic issue  - biological regeneration - has not yet been solved in clinical practice. Since 2006 we have been working on translational therapies in the field of musculoskeletal regeneration with the aim to bring innovative regenerative approaches to the patient. 

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Immune Modulation - Mesenchymal Stroma Cells

In the clinics, mesenchymal stroma cells (MSC) are applied in patients with dealyed healing or non-union in form of autologous cancelous bone from the iliac crest or as RIA (reaming-irrigation-aspiration) material. MSCs are precurser cells that undergo osteogenic differentiation and therefore can improve healing. However, the efficacy of the cells varies greatly between the patients. We want to improve the micro millieu the cells encounter after implantation into the bone defect in order to enhance their bone forming properties.

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