Bone Healing

Bone is an interesting tissue from the researchers view as it is able to regenerate after injury. However, even today and with an adequate treatment 5-20% of all fractured patients experience a delayed or non-union.

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Regeneration of segmental bone defects in vivo

The reconstruction of large segmental bone defects caused by trauma, infection or tumor resection are still a clinical concern. Available regenerative treatment options for a biomechanically sufficient restoration are limited. Therefore, we investigate alternative treatment options as the application of mechano-biologically optimized titanium- mesh scaffolds and composite scaffolds for the regeneration of large segmental bone defects.

Histological of a large segmental bone defect filled with a composite scaffold (Safranin Orange van Kossa staining)
Magnification of the composite scaffold material within the bone defect (TRAP staining)
New bone formation within the defect (Masson Goldner staining)