Pharmacological Immune Modulation

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Pharmacological immune modulation

Application of Immunmodulatory Factors to support fracture healing is also a focus of our group. Such factors are among others protein-based Interleukins or Antibodies, which target specific cell types and can suppress them. They can also induce a polarization of Immune cells towards a beneficial anti-inflammatory type, like in Macrophages. Whereas antibodies can even deplete entire cell fractions, like the unwanted CD8+ T-Cells. Furthermore, we focus on small signalling molecules, which are already applied in the clinics, and which further revealed anti-inflammatory properties recently. They can suppress pro-inflammatory cells and/or stimulate anti-inflammatory cellular responses. For the application of immunemodulatory factors we investigate local releases from biomaterials besides intravenious injections.

In collaboration with

Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Schmidt-Bleek

Principal Investigator - Bone Healing

Katharina Schmidt-Bleek