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Angiogenesis and Immunomechanics

Healing begins with the self-organisation of cells in the wound to reestablish structured tissue and restore the mechanical stability and intrinsic pretension of the injured matrix lost through the injury. Our aim is to decipher this independent organisation of fibroblasts, vascular precursors, immune cells and mechanical instability in the complex environment of the tissue. A better understanding of this interplay forms the basis for novel therapeutic approaches in musculoskeletal regeneration.

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International bridges of cutting-edge research

At the Julius Wolff Institute, we work closely with many national and international scholars in the most diverse fields of musculoskeletal research. These scientific and personal connections have resulted in three bridges of top-level research with Harvard University, ETH Zurich and Oxfort University.

Boston - Berlin: Local Immunmodulation

Zürich - Berlin: Sense cell mechanics

Oxford - Berlin: Quantitative Regenerative Medicine

Georg Duda - Visiting Professor an der University of Oxford

Georg Duda was appointed Visiting Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Musculoskeletal Sciences by the University of Oxford on 14th November 14 2018. With this award, the British elite university wants to expand and further develop the close cooperation between the Berlin Charité and Oxford in the research field of regenerative therapies. At its core is a closer cooperation with the chair of Prof. Dr. Andrew Carr in the field of controlling inflammatory processes in the regeneration of ligament and other soft tissue injuries.