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Angiogenesis and Immunomechanics

Healing begins with the self-organisation of cells in the wound to reestablish structured tissue and restore the mechanical stability and intrinsic pretension of the injured matrix lost through the injury. Our aim is to decipher this independent organisation of fibroblasts, vascular precursors, immune cells and mechanical instability in the complex environment of the tissue. A better understanding of this interplay forms the basis for novel therapeutic approaches in musculoskeletal regeneration.

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Bridge between the JWI and the Wyss Institute in Boston

David Mooney

Professor at the Wyss Institute of Harvard University
Einstein Visiting Fellow

Steering of Regeneration
Advanced Therapies for immuno-mechanical control of regeneration

Immune cell activations play an essential role in both regeneration and cancer development. Specific biomaterials can be used to develop synthetic niches with which the basic principles of the immune-matrix interaction can be deciphered. By using such optimized biomaterials, local immune cell responses can be controlled even in immunologically critical patients in such a way that healing becomes possible again.