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Cellular BioMechanics & BioMaterials

We explore the interaction between cells, their surrounding matrix, and biomaterials for the development of new muskuloskeletal treatment strategies. We design micro-environments that provide specific mechanical, geometrical, and biochemical signals to support and control endogenous healing cascades.

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Biomaterials for Endogenous Regeneration

Guiding structures for bone defect regeneration

Next generation biomaterials are expected to provide a microenvironment that supports cells in their function to repair or even fully regenerate tissue after damage. We use macroporous biomaterial scaffolds that, due to their specific pore architecture, structurally guide the healing process. To improve the performance of these materials we systematically alter material parameters and investigate the resulting cell and tissue response. Our goal is to explore the potential of such materials to support the body`s inherent regeneration capabilities.