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Computational Mechanobiology

Tissues in the musculoskeletal system are exquisitely designed with superb mechanical properties. The tissues are also able to adapt to withstand changing mechanical conditions. The Computational Mechanobiology Group is focused on understanding these two exciting features. Using computer modeling techniques, we seek to understand the mechanical behavior of tissues and their adaptive and regenerative response to mechanical stimuli at the different time and length scales.

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  • Vincenco Orassi received for

    Computational biomechanical evaluation of the sheep mandible as a pre-clinical model for testingfixation devices

    the 1st poster prize
    at the BSRT Symposium 2020 "When Hypotheses become Clinical Reality: The Quo Vadis of Regenerative Medicine"


  • Ehsan Soodmand received for

    The Influence of geometrical contrains on cellular organization during the early stages of bone healing

    German Society for Biomechanics e.V.
    Travel Award to present at the 25th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics


  • Ehsan Soodmand receive for

    Mechanical interactions between cells and extracellular matrix during early stage of bone healing

    the 1st poster prize
    at the BSRT Symposium 2018 "The Art of Failure: Regenerative Therapies - from experimental Sketches to Clinical Masterpieces"


  • Ehsan Soodmand received for

    Mechanically Driven Cellular Self-Organization and Soft Tissue Patterning in Bone Healing

    the 1st poster prize
    at the BSRT Symposium 20187 "Recognize, Repair, Regrow - Personalized Medicine Rises"

  • Annette Birkhold received for

    The influence of age on adaptive bone formation and bone resorption

    the PhD Student Award in Regenerative Medicine 2015
    from the Berlin-Brandenburger School for Regenerative Therapies

    Birkhold A, Razi H, Duda GN, Weinkamer R, Checa S, Willie BM 2015;

  • H. Razi, A. Birkhold, G. Duda, B. Willie, S. Checa received for

    Cortical bone in adult mice exhibits lower strain levels at remodeling sites compared to young mice

    the ESB Student Award 2013
    by the European Society of Biomechanics


  • A. Birkhold, H. Razi, R. Weinkamer, G. Duda, S. Checa, B. Willie received for

    Mechanoregulation of Cortical and Trabecular Bone Adaptation Measured by Examining Dynamic Bone Morphometry and the Mechanical Environment

    the Young Investigator Award 2012
    by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research