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Jaw Reconstruction

Partial resection of the maxilla (maxillectomy) and mandible is performed in patients with extensive benign or malign tumors as well as medication related and radiation induced osteonecrosis of the jaws. Reconstruction of such segmental defects is most commonly performed with autologous, microsurgically anastomosed free flaps

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Clinical Studies (Translation)

The findings from basic research and our clinical experience result in innovative solutions in the field of mandibular reconstruction, especially osteosynthesis. In clinical studies, we continuously analyse the influence of these innovations on the success of treatment. The reduction of soft tissue complications and pseudarthrosis is of particular importance. At the same time, we are trying to better understand the interrelationships of biology and mechanics in humans as well, especially the influence of masticatory function and stiffness of osteosynthesis systems and resulting intersegmental movements between mandible and graft. This sub-project is funded by the German Research Foundation: