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Joint Loading & Musculoskeletal Analysis

The loads acting in joint prostheses and other orthopaedic implants is still partially unknown. The acting loads are required for different purposes.

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  • Gerg Bergmann received for

    his life's work in which he has rendered outstanding services to the development of German orthopaedics in a special way

    the Georg Hohmann badge
    The presentation of the plaque took place with a short appreciation of the special merits at the annual congress of the DGOOC.


  • Philipp Damm received for

    Gluteal muscle damage leads to higher in vivo hip joint loads 3 months after total hip arthroplasty

    the ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award 2018
    of the European Society of Biomechanics

    Philipp Damm, Jip Zonneveld, Sophie Brackertz, Florian Streitparth, Florian Winkler 2018;

  • Georg Bergmann received for

    his unique illustration of the importance of the loading of arthrosis

    the World-Award for arthrosis research 2014
    of the Deutschen Arthrose-Hilfe und Welt-Arthrose-Organisation


  • Toni Rohlmann received for

    Monitoring the load on a telemeterised vertebral body replacement for a period of up to 65 months

    Georg-Schmorl Prize of the German Spine Societies (DWG)


    Rohlmann, Antonius
  • I. Kutzner, P. Damm, H. Schulze, G. Bergmann received for

    Die Belastung des Knie- und Hüftgelenks beim Vibrationstraining

    the Best Experimental Study Award 2013
    by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomechanik


  • P. Damm, R. Ackermann, A. Bender, F. Graichen, G. Bergmann received for

    Messung der in vivo wirkenden Reibung am künstlichen Hüftgelenk

    the Poster Prize
    by the organizer of Endoprothetikkongress 2013


  • A. Beier, I. Kutzner, F. Graichen, B. Heinlein, G. Bergmann, A. Halder received for

    Einfluss der Beinachsausrichtung auf die mediolaterale Kraftübertragung nach Knie-TEP - In-vivo Messungen bei fünf Patienten

    the Sana Science Prize 2011
    by the Sana Kliniken AG


  • P. Damm, A. Bender, J. Dymke, F. Graichen, G. Bergmann received for

    Postoperative Änderung der in vivo Hüftgelenksbelastung beim Gehen mit Gehstützen

    the 2. Young Investigator Award 2011
    by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomechanik e.V.


  • Toni Rohlmann received for

    Loads on a spinal implant measured in vivo during whole-body vibration

    GRAMMER European Spine Journal Award of The European Spine Journal


    Rohlmann, Antonius
  • P. Westerhoff, A. Rohlmann, A. Bender, F. Graichen, G. Bergmann received for

    In Vivo Messung der Schultergelenkbelastung bei 4 Patienten während Alltagsbewegungen

    the poster prize for basic research 2008
    by the DGU and DGOOC


Results 1 to 10 of total 22