Functional Movement Analysis

Our interdisciplinary working group focuses on different components of musculoskeletal disorders by combining different analyzes, observations and models.

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Sónia Alves, Thomas Neitmann, Georg N. Duda, Alison N. Agres, Peter C. Raffalt
"Laying the foundation for healthy gait asymmetry ranges outside the laboratory in everyday life activities"
Nominated for the Clinical Biomechanics Award at the upcoming 8th World Congress of Biomechanics Dublin, Ireland, July 2018

Philippe Moewis, Sara Checa, Ines Kutzner, Hagen Hommel, Georg N. Duda
"Führt eine 3° angulierte Gelenklinie zu einer physiologischeren Beanspruchung des Knochenlagers?" [Does a 3° angle joint line lead to physiological strain distribution on the tibial plateau?]
3rd Place Poster Prize 10. Endoprothetikkongress Berlin, February 2017

Verena Schwachmeyer, Thomas Neitmann, Heide Boeth, Georg N. Duda
"Influence of Step Frequency on Running Kinetics"
Best Presentation Award Expert Scientific Meeting on Load Distribution Measurement, July 2016

Adam Trepczynski, Philipp Damm, Georg Bergmann, Philipp von Roth, Georg N. Duda
"Bedeutung oberflächlicher Hüftbeuger für die Gelenkbelastung beim Gehen" [The significance of superficial hip flexors on the joint loading during gait]
2nd Place Poster Award 9. Endoprothetikkongress Berlin, February 2016