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Functional Movement Analysis

Our interdisciplinary working group focuses on different components of musculoskeletal disorders by combining different analyzes, observations and models.

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Knee Injury & Osteoarthritis

Our research on knee injury & arthrosis aims to identify the biomechanics involved in the early onset of knee osteoarthritis (OA), a degenerative condition that affects the whole joint, including cartilage, bone, muscle, etc.

Our work focuses on traumatic knee injuries (for example, ACL rupture) as a model of early OA onset.  The majority of individuals with an ACL injury will end up developing OA, regardless of whether they get reconstructive surgery. 

We use three-dimensional motion analysis and electromyography systems to characterize lower-extremity joint motions, forces and moments of force, as well as muscle activity during activities of daily living.  Furthermore, we use novel MRI modalities to quantify, in vivo, the deformation and straining of knee soft tissues (cartilage, tendon).

Ultimately, identifying how joint loading during everyday activities can lead to degenerative joint changes will help improve preventative and management strategies for knee injury/OA patients.