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Spine Biomechanics

Chronic low back pain is a significant public health problem in industrialized society. The intact spine carries the upper body and external loads, allows motion in a physiological range and protects the spinal cord. These different demands necessitate a high degree of complexity with various sources for disorders and pain. The JWI conducts research in order to counter pain causes and to further optimize the pain treatment.

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Workshops on Spine Loading and Deformation

With our workshop we aim to bring together researchers active in different disciplines and fields of application in health care, biological sciences, biomechanics, and ergonomics to share, discuss, and re-examine the potentials of their recent studies on the spine. The research topics should cover trunk loads, postures and motions (imaging, sensors, and video camera), tissue mechanical tolerance, biological responses to mechanical load, failure and pain  generation, measurements and model studies in sports, occupational and daily living tasks, with a focus on the lumbar and thoracic regions of spine.

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