Cell Biology

The research group "Cell Biology" investigates the biology of adult stem cells, immune cells, endothelial precursors and fibroblasts as well as their possible role in musculoskeletal tissue regeneration. We are looking at the interaction between cells, mechanics and the extracellular matrix. Furthermore, we are concentrating on alterations of intrinsic cell functions in response to extrinsic stimuli, such as age or an altered immune response. Our long-term goal is to develop new therapeutic approaches to improve musculoskeletal tissue regeneration, especially for impaired healing cases.

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  • A. Ode received for

    Testkit zur Prognose der Knochenheilung

    the BIONNALE Speed Lecture Award 2011
    by the BioTOP und vfa bio


  • A. Ode, A. Kurtz, U. Lehnigk, S. Geissler, K. Schmidt-Bleek, P. Kolar, G. Duda, G. Kasper received for

    Cyclic-compressive stimulation does not alter stem cell character of mesenchymal stem cells but their functional behaviour

    the 50 Best Abstracts Award
    at the TERMIS-EU 2008 Annual Meeting