Cell motility

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Cell motility under mechanical and biological stimuli

Zellmigration wird als die aktive Ortsveränderung von einzelnen Zellen oder Zellverbänden verstanden. Dieser Prozess wird von Faktoren, wie z.B. biochemische, physikalische und mechanische Stimuli beeinflusst.

One of the first actions after a fracture is the migration of mesenchymal stromal cells from the bone marrow to the fracture gap. By proliferating and differentiating into osteogenic cells they essentially contribute to the bone healing process.

In our in vitro studies we investigate the influence of biochemical as well as physical and mechanical stimuli on the migration  ehaviour of mesenchymal stromal cells in a 3D environment. Doing so, we try to understand how the local environment of the cells (e.g. in a biomaterial) should be designed to foster cell migration and invasion into the region where new tissue is to be formed.