Muskuloskeletal and Functional Analysis

Dr. Alison Agres, Dr. Peter Raffalt

Our interdisciplinary working group focuses on different components of musculoskeletal disorders by combining different analyzes, observations and models.

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The forces acting on the bones and joints of the human skeleton are known to be multiples of bodyweight, even during normal daily activities. Overloading of these musculoskeletal structures can occur due to bone deformities, muscular deficits or disturbed movement patterns, which can al lead to failure of soft tissue structures and, in the longer term, degeneration of the entire joint.

Through accurate and validated models of the mechanics of the human lower limb, determined using movement patterns gained from the gait lab, we are able to understand the subject specific loading conditions to better assess individual functional deficits and the risk of mechanical overload.


Dr.-Ing. Alison Agres

Principal Investigator