Important information

Do you have questions prior to your appointment for gait / running analysis? On this page you will find all relevant information concerning clothing, running shoes, and appointment duration.

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To ensure an optimal evaluation of of your gait and running style, we kindly ask you to wear spandex-based shorts, so that we can assess the leg and trunk motion during movement as best as possible.

Our recommendation

  • Men: swimming trunks or tight boxer shorts, the torso is free
  • Women: bikini shorts and a jogging bra

Running shoes

Please bring all relevant running shoes to your appointment. In case you wear insoles or orthotics, these should also be brought with you as well.

Duration of the appointment

You should calculate about 75-90 minutes for your appointment.

Running time

During our assessment, you should expect to run for about 15-20 minutes on our instrumented treadmill. Following the tests, you will have the opportunity to use our shower facilities. Please bring all necessary items (shower gel, towel, etc.).

Price List

Gait and running analysis: 150 Euros
High Speed Videos: 20 Euros

In accordance with the terms and usage of our service, you will receive a contract which details all costs and includes your signed agreement of payment. At the end of the appointment, you will directly receive a bill that must be paid via bank transfer. Cash and credit card payments are not accepted. Generally speaking, health insurance companies will not accept direct billing for this service. For further enquiries and details, please contact your own insurance provider.

Checklist for your running analysis

  • Short, tight trousers, jogging bra
  • Running shoes
  • Insoles
  • Shower toiletries