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Services of the BIH - Julius Wolff Institute

We have developed two services for you on the basis of our longstanding experiences and knowledge with regard to loads that act daily on the musculoskeletal system and their consequences for the health of bone, muscles and tendons.

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Service - for patients and athletes, from beginners to professionals

BeMoveD - Berlin Movement Diagnostics

Biomechanical Gait and Running Analysis 

BeMoveD is a biomechanical analysis for gait and running offered by the JWI. Based on a thorough initial medical check and with modern analytical methods, we evaluate the gait and running characteristics of patients as well as hobby and professional athletes. During the examination of the movement, we consider the biomechanical aspects of the entire body of the investigated person with regard to the latest research findings. Thus, we can identify errors in the movement pattern, recognise causes of pain and injuries in the musculoskeletal system and uncover shortcomings in the gait or in the running technique. 

Service - for scientists and medical technology companies


In vivo acting loads

Aim of the OrthoLoadLab is the direct translation of science and research into industrial development and clinical application. Producs from local medical technology companies will be analysed with respect to loads and function and new product developments will be optimised with regard to physiological requirements in order to increas the safety of endoprosthesis products. Beside the analysis of the clinical outcome and functionality, access is given to a worlwide unique scientifically profound data collection which provides robust information for industrial product development.