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  • Confocal/multi-photon laser scanning microscope (Leica TCS SP5 with 25x, 40x and 62x high NA water immersion objectives equipped with Spectra Physics MaiTai HP laser 690-1040nm)
  • Scanning Electron microscope (Jeol, JCM-6000PLUS Benchtop SEM )
  • Microcomputed tomography facilities: Viva40 microCT (Scanco) and SkyScan high resolution microCT (SkyScan 1172)


  • Bulk biomechanical testing machines (Zwick, LM1 TestBench, BOSE ElectroForce)
  • Nano and micro-indentation of soft tissues/materials (Piuma from Optics 11)
  • Mechano-Bioreactors (in house development)
  • Tissue force monitor (in house development)

Biomaterial fabrication

  • High Pressure foaming chamber
  • PDMS Molding of 3D topographic chips and porous cell carriers
  • UV curing system for hydrogel crosslinking (OmniCure S2000)