Molekulare Unfallchirurgie

Die Arbeitsgruppe Molekulare Unfallchirurgie untersucht die molekularen und zellulären Grundlagen klinisch relevanter Fragestellungen in der muskuloskeletalen Chirurgie mit dem Schwerpunkt auf pharmakologisch verwertbaren Signalereignissen.

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  • Köhli P, Appelt J, Otto E, Jahn D, Baranowsky A, Bahn A, Erdmann C, Müchler J, Mülleder M, Tsitsilonis S, Keller J

    Effects of CGRP receptor antagonism on glucose and bone metabolism in mice with diet-induced obesity

    Our study was designed to characterize the effects of CGRP antagonism on bone and glucose metabolism in a murine model of diet-induced obesity (DIO). A subcutaneous pellet releasing the CGRP receptor antagonist BIBN 4096 (BIBN; olcegepant) was implanted in WT mice with DIO. Metabolic effects were assessed through body- and organ-weights, oral glucose tolerance (oGT), serum lipids, and gene-expression studies. Bone turnover was assessed through histomorphometry of non-decalcified bone sections and analyses of bone turnover markers in serum samples. BIBN treatment did not alter body weight gain or the levels of serum lipids including triacylglycerol and cholesterol during DIO. BIBN led to a moderate improvement of oGT which was accompanied by an increased expression of stearoyl-CoA desaturase in the liver. In skeletal tissue, BIBN treatment resulted in reduced bone volume. This was explained by decreased parameters of bone formation whereas bone resorption was not affected.

    Bone 2021; 143

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Ergebnisse 1 bis 10 von insgesamt 41