Cellular BioMechanics & BioMaterials

We explore the interaction between cells, their surrounding matrix, and biomaterials for the development of new muskuloskeletal treatment strategies. We design micro-environments that provide specific mechanical, geometrical, and biochemical signals to support and control endogenous healing cascades.

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  • Ehsan Soodmand erhielt

    3 months of research grant to further develop the computational model at the Technical University of Eindhoven

    Moblility Award for Young Researchers through European Society of Biomechanics


  • Ehsan Soodmand erhielt für

    The influence of geometrical constrains on cellular organization during the early stages of bone healing

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomechanik e.V.
    Reisestipendium zur Präsentation im 25th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics


  • Ehsan Soodmand erhielt für

    Mechanical interactions between cells and extracellular matrix during early stage of bone healing

    den 1. Posterpreis
    auf dem BSRT Symposium 2018 "The Art of Failure: Regenerative Therapies - from experimental Sketches to Clinical Masterpieces"


  • Ehsan Soodmand erhielt für

    Mechanically Driven Cellular Self-Organization and Soft Tissue Patterning in Bone Healing

    den 1. Posterpreis
    auf dem BSRT Symposium 2017 "Recognize, Repair, Regrow - Personalized Medicine Rises"


  • Ansgar Petersen erhielt für

    Bioglass incorporation into a collagen guiding structure supports and impairs endochondral bone regeneration - a dose-response analysis

    "Outstanding Oral Presentation Award"
    Meeting der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomaterialien (DGBM), Aachen

    Autoren: Petersen A, Leemhuis H, Hoess A, Ellinghaus A, Herrera A, Nies B, Heschel I, Duda GN 2016;

  • Maike Werner erhielt für

    Influence of surface curvature on human mesenchymal stromal cell migration and differentiation

    1. Platz Vortragspreis von der
    European Society for Biomaterials
    auf dem European Society for Biomaterials Meeting, Liverpool, UK


  • Jessica Kopf erhielt für

    BMP2 and mechanical loading cooperatively regulate immediate early signalling events in the BMP pathway

    den PhD Student Award in Regenerative Medicine 2012
    von der Berlin-Brandenburger Schule für Regenerative Therapien

    Autoren der Publikation: Kopf J*, Petersen A*, Duda GN and Knaus P. BMC Biol. 2012;10:37 2012;