Dr. med. vet. Anne-Marie Pobloth

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Pobloth AM, Schell H, Petersen A, Beierlein K, Kleber C, Schmidt-Bleek K, Duda GN.
Tubular open-porous beta-TCP-PLCL scaffolds as guiding structure for segmental bone defect regeneration in a novel sheep model.
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. 2017;8.

Huber E, Pobloth AM, Bormann N, Kolarczik N, Schmidt-Bleek K, Schell H, et al.
DBM as a carrier for BMP-2: Burst release combined with long term binding and osteoinductive activity evaluated in vitro and in vivo.
Tissue engineering Part A. 2017;29.

Pobloth AM, Duda GN, Giesecke MT, Dienelt A, Schwabe P:
High-dose recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 impacts histological and biomechanical properties of a cervical spine fusion segment: results from a sheep model.
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 2015, 5(10).

Pobloth AM, Johnson KA, Schell H, Kolarczik N, Wulsten D, Duda GN, Schmidt-Bleek K:
Establishment of a preclinical ovine screening model for the investigation of bone tissue engineering strategies in cancellous and cortical bone defects.
BMC Musculoskelet Disord 2016, 17(1):016-0964.


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