14.06.2018 bis 15.06.2018

JWI Symposium "Advanced therapies in musculoskeletal regeneration: Novel strategies and challenges for regeneration in compromised patients"

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The current year marks a special milestone in the history of the Julius Wolff Institute (JWI): It has already been 10 years that the institute conducts musculoskeletal research in orthopedics and trauma surgery. Originating from a clinical Research Group of the DFG and the orthopedic lab at the Oskar-Helene-Heim, the Julius Wolff Institute started with just a few keen researchers. Over the years, more qualified members from all over the world joined the JWI and helped to form its different science branches. Their enthusiasm, innovative ideas and hard work made the Julius Wolff Institute into the established lab that it is today. Looking forward to even more groundbreaking research, we want to celebrate this special occasion with a jubilee symposium on

"Advanced therapies in musculoskeletal regeneration: Novel strategies and challenges for regeneration in compromised patients".

In musculoskeletal research, a number of emerging fields have great impact on translational science: Active shaping of the inflammatory cascades to enhance regeneration appears possible, mechano-biological cues can be employed at multiple length scales to enable regeneration and substantial knowledge can be gained on in vivo loads and friction at metallic interfaces.

During the symposium, national and international experts will reflect on their work, including the JWI's current Clinical Research Group. With the event, we try to place Julius Wolff's principles into nowadays perspectives and aim at combining junior and established researcher's views towards new creative approaches.

Visit the jubilee symposium of the Julius Wolff Institute on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th June 2018 in Berlin. Find out more about the symposium.



Julius Wolff Institut
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Thursday, 14th June - Friday, 15th June 2018


Humboldt Graduate School
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Julius Wolff Institute
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