Image Source: Aarón Xerach Herrera Martín


13.01.2020 bis 13.01.2020

BSRT presentations of new projects

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Ausschließlich für Fachpublikum

Image Source: Aarón Xerach Herrera Martín

Every six months, new PhD students who want to become member of the graduate school Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies (BSRT) present their projects to the BSRT community to discuss with them their projects.

Engineering Track - Introduction of new BSRT PhD projects

09.00     Ultrasound based histomorphology for non-invasive grading of early cartilage degeneration
Omar Gachouch (Mentoring Committee: Raum – Mamou)

09:15     Extracellular Matrix Biophysical Cues in Dormancy and Bone Metastasis
Sarah Young (Mentoring Committee: Fratzl – Knaus – Cipitria)

09:30     Fibronectin binding peptide as mechanosensor to detect the tensional state of fibronectin fibers in bone remodelling processes
Julia Mehl (Mentoring Committee: Duda – Vogel)

09:45     Mechano-biological optimization of 3D printed scaffolds for bone regeneration
Camille Metz (Mentoring Committee: Checa – Zehn– Corté)

10:00     The Role of Mechanical Strain of ECM Fibers in Directing the Healing Process
Parisa Khalaghi (Mentoring Committee: Duda – Vogel – Petersen)

10:15     Estimation of thickness and speed of sound in cortical bone using multi-focus pulse-echo ultrasound
Huong Nguyen (Mentoring Committee: Raum – Heuert)

10:30     Biomaterial-induced endochondral ossification for bone regeneration
Janina Stadter (Mentoring Committee: Petersen – Duda)

10:45     Lower limb loading and symmetry after primary unilateral hip replacement
Sonia Alves (Mentoring Committee: Checa – Duda – Agres)

11:00     Break

Biology Track - Introduction of new BSRT PhD projects

11:15     Adipogenic/osteogenic lineage differentiation of stem cells influences the healing process of bone fractures and is steered by the immune reaction
Lisa-Marie Burkhardt (Mentoring Committee: Duda – Schulz – Schmidt-Bleek)

11:30     Nuclear mechanotransduction and genome organization: emerging players on linking ECM cues to BMP-Hippo-SRF signaling crosstalk in bone regeneration
Carolina da Silva Madelano (Mentoring Committee: Knaus – Mundlos - Reichenbach)

11:45     Organ/human-on-the-chip technology for complex in vitro testing of human cell products
Isabell Durieux (Mentoring Committee: Volk – Reinke – Dehne)

12:00     Disease models of ECFCs for studying the role of ACVR1 in the context of FOP
Nadine Großmann (Mentoring Committee: Knaus – Stricker - Hildebrandt)

12:15     Role of Membrane Scaffolding Proteins Mediating Apical Polarity in Endothelial Cells
Nurcan Hastar (Mentoring Committee: Knaus – Stricker - Hiepen)

12:30     Immunosuppression-resistant T cell products for advanced adoptive T cell therapy
Ghazaleh Zarrinrad (Mentoring Committee: Reinke – Kornak – Schmück-Henneresse - Amini)

12:45     Alternative antibiofilm approaches to combat gram-negative bacterial species implicated in implant-associated infections
Lei Wang (Mentoring Committee: Trampuz – Winkler – Gonzales-Moreno)

13:00     Title of presentation
Caroline Fädrich (Mentoring Committee: Supervisors)

13:15     End



Berlin-Brandenburg School for regenerative Therapies


09:00 - 13:15


Cranach Haus
Föhrer Straße 15
13353 Berlin



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