Spine Loading and Deformation - Workshop organisiert von unserem Wirbelsäulenteam

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Spine Loading and Deformation - from Loading to Recovery

This International Workshop was held in Berlin from the 2nd – 4th of July 2015

Mechanical loading and deformation in human spine during diurnal activities are recognized to play a major role in the etiology of back disorders and pain. A comprehensive knowledge of these loads/deformations is a basic prerequisite for effective risk prevention and assessment in workplace, sports and rehabilitation, proper management of various disorders, and realistic preclinical testing of spinal implants. However despite considerable advancement and recent investigations, validated knowledge on spine loading remains yet scarce. In vivo, in vitro and computational model studies are all necessary for tangible progress in this field.

This workshop on spinal loading and deformation aimed to bring about 70 researchers together in order to share and discuss their recent works on related areas and re-examine the potentials of their findings. 31 oral presentations and a panel discussion were held at the lecture hall. Even during coffee and lunch breaks intensive discussions were continued. The research topics covered trunk loads and motions (imaging, sensors and video camera) measurements/ predictions during sports, occupational tasks, seated vibration, etc. with focus on the lumbar and thoracic spines.
After having an exciting Meeting, many of the participants used the opportunity to travel to the ESB meeting in Prague by sharing a bus ride.

This workshop was organized by Prof. Hendrik Schmidt (head of the spine team) and Prof. Saeed A. Shirazi-Adl (École Polytechnique, Montréal, Canada), coordinated by Dr. Friedmar Graichen and assisted by Barbara Schiller.

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